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According to World Cancer Research Fund there are 3 theories into why alcohol is linked to an increase in cancer risk.   The first theory is that Alcohol is converted into a toxic substance that damages DNA.   The second theory is Alcohol affects how folate is processed in the body and the third theory is that Alcohol allows more dangerous molecules to enter our cells.   WCRF are developing a new tool to allow them to review studies looking at mechanisms relating to diet, body weight and physical activity.  Folate found in dark green vegetables, peas and beans protects cells from becoming cancerous and this is compromised with alcohol.  Their current research shows that drinking alcohol is linked to an increased risk of a number or cancers including bowel, breast, mouth and throat, oesophageal, liver and stomach.   Even drinking the smallest amount they say puts us at a higher risk and that it is best not to drink any alcohol.   If we choose to drink, the recommended guidelines in the UK is to drink no more than 14 units a week which is roughly 7 drinks spread over at least 3 days.   If you wish to follow this guideline note that one drink is a small 125ml glass of wine, half a pint of regular strength beer or lager or a single measure of spirts. 

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