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Do you eat to live or live to eat?   Do you know what a balanced diet means?  Do you know how good a balanced diet is for you?   Do you know how much to consume?  Do you know when to stop eating?  Do you recognise foods or beverages that do not agree with you?   

So many questions and 1 very simple answer:  Eat everything in moderation!  

The subject of nutrition and eating for good health is abundant these days and can be found in practically every media journal.  However, I was struck by an article I read recently about having a healthy relationship with food and it got me thinking.   Everyone is different and everyone has different needs, likes and dislikes.  Diet is often dictated by the schedules we keep and all too often we are the victims of our surroundings.   It is often difficult to resist temptation but if you succumb enjoy just 1 piece to satisfy so not to deny your desire (or offend your host!).  Feel good that you refused/resisted the rest.  Start your meal with a glass of water.  This will help not only replace fluids eliminated throughout the day but assist in helping you feel full sooner.   Eat slowly and chew to enjoy each mouth-watering mouthful.   If you are eating more than 1 course try and have a 10-15 minute interval between courses.   You will soon feel full.   Golden rule is to avoid foods made with refined sugars or are processed.    Natural foods are best.   Plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses are good.   Fish, lean meats, eggs and dairy products together with cereal products are also good.  Aim to recognise those foods that make you feel good and those that don’t sit comfortably.  Take into account your daily routine.  Keep a packet or dish of nuts to satisfy any mid-afternoon hunger pangs.  

Most people hate the idea of “going on a diet” so don’t – just reduce your portion sizes and cut out the naughties or enjoy and savour just one!

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