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BEETROOT – Seasonal from end of May to mid November.  Low calorie, high in folate this vegetable can be enjoyed in many ways and is therefore recommended for pregnant women to protect the unborn baby and reduce the risk of spina bifida.     

Key nutrients : Potassium,Folate (Vit B), Calcium, Vitamin C, carotenes and Iron. 

Healing Properties : The high folate helps to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.  Excellent for replenishing muscle-energy stores so is recommended for sportspeople post strenuous exercise.

Choosing and Cooking : Enjoy grated raw over salad or cook, bake, roast or simmer for an hour.   The leaves can also be used raw in salad or cooked like spinach.   Select small beets that are firm, clean and smooth for best flavour.

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