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Booster shot

Booster Shots

Findings from a study of 458 U.S. patients who received booster shots reported by Reuters Health online at Medscape Family Health (US ) on January 28th 2022

The study looked at booster shots using the Pfizer, Moderna ( mRNA vaccines )and Johnson & Johnson vaccines ( J&J similar to Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine ) and results are published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

When the booster was the same product as the original vaccine, neutralizing antibody titres increased by a factor of 4 to 20, but when a different product was used for the booster, that increased titres by a factor of 6 to 73.

The only combination that didn't result in an increase in spike-specific T-cell responses was among patients who only received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as primary vaccine and booster.


The “poor” results after primary vaccination with J&J vaccine needs further clarification . J&J vaccine is not available in the UK . In fact when tests on T Cell activation – as opposed to antibody response – post vaccination were undertaken , those who had had primary vaccination with  J&J showed good levels of acquired immunity post booster with mRNA vaccines . All academically interesting but not relevant to us in the UK .

In conclusion the study shows that mixing vaccines may slightly increase the effectiveness of immunization against COVID-19 . That`s good news for people who had AZ first and Pfizer afterwards , Those of us who have had 3 mRNA shots need not worry.


Date posted: 15 February 2022

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Information source: BBC Health