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Are we overlooking the need of dairy products in our diet to protect our bones, teeth, blood pressure, energy and protein deficiency?    Ever since animals were domesticated people have been using the milk from cattle, sheep and goats to produce a variety of tasty foods from milk to cheese which are important for our overall health.   Without calcium in our diets we would suffer from osteoporosis, rickets, tooth decay, energy, and high blood pressure.   It is important to build up our calcium levels in the early years to maximise on the bone mass at maturity (30-40) and beyond together with reducing our risks of bone fractures in old age.  Full fat products are beneficial for the young and the elderly as they are a good source of calories for those who do not consume large volumes of food.

Milk is the obvious supply of calcium and is easily absorbed.   It is especially good in so many ways for people who exercise. The protein in the milk is necessary for general growth, maintenance and repair of body tissue.  Milk contains vitamins B1 and B2, pantothenic acid and niacin together with the minerals phosphorus and magnesium which play a role in releasing energy.  Researchers suggest that regular consumption of milk could also help to lower the risk of colonic and other cancers owing to the CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which may also boost the immune system.

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