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Cancer: Seeds of Destruction Developed To Attack (Brain) Tumour Cells

Researchers at UCH can plant ferromagnetic “seed-like metal pellets” just under the skin or through small apertures in the bones of the skull. The ferromagnetic thermoseeds used were 2-mm diameter spherical metal alloys that were implanted superficially before being navigated  into a tumour. Then thermoablation is used to destroy the surrounding cancer cells.” The technique has only been used in experimental animal models so far but the potential for accurate ablation of solid tumours in brain, prostate and other organs with minimal collateral damage is enormous.

This story tells us that doctors can now use magnetic fields and the equivalent of an adapted game control unit to drive a seed through a maze of vulnerable tissue to where X marks the spot (in a tumour) and then turn on the MRI which heats up the metal seed which destroys the tumour. Science fiction meets science fact! Amazing!


Date posted: 15 February 2022

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Information source: BBC Health