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CELERY – Cultivated for thousands of years for its medicinal properties celery contains 95% water but consists of many minerals and vitamins.  In ancient times it was used to stimulate digestion and eliminate excess fluids from the body.  Celery is recommended as a ‘cleansing tonic’ after the winter months and is said to benefit the stomach, spleen and pancreas.  

Key nutrients :  Potassium, beta carotenes, cellulose, calcium, Vitamins B1, C and E

Healing Properties : Phytonutrients in celery known as phthalides are beneficial for controlling blood pressure and have a calming effect on people and is therefore considered helpful for stress and anxiety.  It is ideal for overeaters as it is possible to eat large portions yet not consume many fats or calories. 3 stalks of celery supply only around 20 calories!

Choosing and Cooking : Eat raw or use it in soups or other cooked dishes.  The leaves can be used as a garnish or added to stocks for flavouring.   You can add it to salads or serve it with cheese.   As a nutritious quick meal try it with peanut butter.

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