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COFFEE – So what is in that cup of coffee? – Arabica, robusta or liberica beans?   The majority of coffee is produced from the Coffea Arabica.  Caffeine is, of course, the star nutrient providing a refreshing and stimulating drink improving alertness, providing energy and increasing the metabolic rate.     A word of caution though – too much can lead to tremors, sweating, insomnia and palpitations.    A maximum of 6 cups of coffee can help stimulate the immune system and concentration.   Ground coffee provides 115mg of caffeine and instant 65mg per cup.

Key nutrients:  Caffeine, Vit B3 Niacin.

Healing Properties: Evidence exists that coffee benefits tiredness and depression.    Beneficial for those experiencing the normal post-lunch dip.   Results show improvement in reaction times and increased efficiency, vigour and alertness with a noticeable decline in depression and anxiety levels.    For the treatment of Asthma caffeine has long been known to relieve symptoms and moderate attacks.  

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