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EGGS – One of the few dietary sources of vitamin D needed to absorb calcium with 8 essential amino acid protein building blocks required for the healthy growth of children and adolescents and for the health of adults.   Eating 3 to 4 a week especially in the winter may help improve calcium absorption. 

Key nutrients :  Vitamins B6, 12 and Vitamins D and E, calcium, folate, iron, selenium and protein.

Healing Properties : One egg supplies more than an adult’s daily requirement of B12 which provides a protective coating around nerves.  Also necessary for healthy nerves are  B6 and folate.   The selenium and vitamin E have antioxidant properties which can reduce the risk of damage to blood-vessel walls and thereby limiting the risk of heart disease developing.  Selenium is also important for male fertility.  One egg provides ten per cent of an adult’s recommended daily intake. 

Choosing and Cooking : So many different ways to cook and eat eggs from boiling to including them in souffles or using them as an ingredient in baking and sauces.  Store in fridge with pointed end facing down.

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