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Secure Emails

Keeping information safe and secure when sending emails is becoming increasing important.  At our Practice we take your confidentiality very seriously and sending email attachments which may contain personal or sensitive data needs to be handled in the best way possible to ensure data is transmitted in a secure manner.

To assist in achieving this, we have now implemented Egress Switch which is a secure email and file transfer protocol which encrypts data whilst it travels from applications and devices.  Below are details of how to set up a Switch account and how to read, reply and send emails securely. 

You can also download the Recipient Guide to Egress which provides information about setting up Switch and using Secure Emails, .

Quick Start Guide to using Egress Switch

As a first time users, you will need to set up a Switch account.  This is a one time process and is quite straight forward to complete.

Egress Switch1. When you receive an email that is encrypted with Switch within the notification email there will be a link for  "Click on the read this secure email".



Sign Up2.  You will be redirected to a web browser where you will need to select the New User? link to create your Switch account.





Enter email information3.  Complete the details in the window that opens. It is important that you use the email address that the Switch Secure Email was sent to in order to open the message, otherwise it will not work correctly.




Protecting your identity4. You will then need to create a password to protect your identity. Use the dropdown menus to select suitable security questions and specify answers to them. Please note, the answers to your security questions will be used in the event that you need to reset your password.  On completion you will be sent an activation code to the email address you used to register for your Switch account. If you do not receive your activation code within 5 minutes, please check your Junk or Spam folder.



Activation Code5. Copy the code you receive into the activition code field and select Submit Activation Code.


On successful activation, a new window will open once the sign up process has been completed. Select Read your message now to view the secure message.

Reading and Replying to a Switch Secure Email

Once you have registered for a Switch account, you can access Switch Secure Emails by selecting the read this secure email link displayed in the notification email.

Enter your credentials into the web browser that opens and select Sign in.  Once registered or signed in, you can access the secure email and any attachments.

To reply to a secure email, click Reply or Reply All as appropriate. Compose your response, add attachments and other recipients if required, and select Send.

For more information about setting up Switch and using Secure Emails, please download the Recipient Guide to Egress.

For further information about Secure Email and File Transfer via Egress please visit their website

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