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Did you know, I expect you did, that certain foods paired together are more nutritious than eating them alone?   There is a very interesting article in the March issue of Healthy Food which provides a wonderful insight into how certain pairings work and I would highly recommend reading this (you will find a copy in our Waiting Room if you are planning a visit any time soon.   I loved the article because it tells you a lot of interesting information about the effects and how your body absorbs intakes of phosphorus, quercetin, folate, vitamin C, beta-carotenes lutein, iron, flavonoids, etc.   There is also a section on foods that do not work well together and this also makes for interesting reading and enlightenment!!  One pairing that I particularly liked was the avocado with lettuce and spinach.  Mono-unsaturated fats teams with alpha-carotene and lutein respectively providing protection to the health of our heart and our eyes.

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