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Key nutrients : Potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, selenium, protein.

Healing Properties : Renowned for its antibacterial effects and during WW1 surgeons used garlic juice to stop wounds turning septic!  Promotes circulation and inhibits colds.  Also helpful in treating flu, bronchitis, whooping cough, heart disease, high blood pressure, fungal infections, viral infections, food poisoning and can assist in preventing Helicobacter pylori a bacteria relating to stomach ulcers.  The WHO recommends 1 clove of raw garlic a day to promote general health.

Choosing and Cooking :  Slice or crush?  Garlic should be consumed quickly after crushing and is best eaten raw or slightly cookedAdd crushed garlic which has beneficial oils towards the end of cooking to avoid singeing.  Single whole cloves which are full of sulphurous compounds beneficial to fight infections can be boiled for a couple of minutes then added to casseroles, etc.   If going past their best remove the inner stalk to avoid the bitterness.  Sliced garlic has a slightly milder flavour than crushed.   Take care not to burn the frying as it becomes bitter in taste.

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