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Health Screening

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Health Screening

  • Prevention is better and more cost effective than cure
  • Implementation of scheduled medical examinations provides early detection and management of health risks before illness takes root.
  • Over 50's MOT is strongly recommended
  • Our Health Screening can offer the following choices and can also be viewed on our Health Menu by clicking here. Or To select a "Menu for Good Health" click here.

Well Woman/Well Man Clinics

Our range of check-ups and screening routines (click here for more information) can be adapted to suit individual patient or company requirements and can be arranged with either Dr Jack Edmonds or one of our colleagues. Make an appointment here.

Health Screening Assessments include:

  • Questionnaire, interview and examination
  • Cardiovascular screen (eg  ECG, blood pressure, lipid profile) 
  • Lung function testing
  • Blood screen (haematology, biochemistry and glucose and cholesterol profiles)
  • Bowel cancer screening (stool analysis or colonoscopy)
  • Urine tests
  • Cardiac risk calculation  (QRisk3 calculation and EBCT calcium scoring as indicated)
  • Other special tests as indicated (eg EBCT calcium scoring, thyroid function, C Reactive protein, menopause profiles, tumour markers, MRI, X-rays and ultrasound).

Well-Woman tests include: Cervical cytology, mammography, bone density tests, ovarian cancer screen as necessary

Well-Man tests include: Prostate checks including PSA tests as necessary

Cancer Screening

Colon/bowel cancer screening is recommended for everyone over the age of 50 or if there are any special indications eg family history. This can be done initially by carrying out a simple Faecal Occult Blood Test in the privacy of your own home and sent back to the Practice for laboratory analysis. Test: Faecal Occult Blood

Breast cancer checks are important for women of all ages but specifically recommended for women over 48 every 2 or 3 years.   If you are concerned early detection is important for best outcomes.   Don’t delay - an appointment can be made with either Dr Edmonds or Dr Kate Thomson and if necessary a referral for mammography or ultrasound will be arranged.  Tests: Mammography / Ultrasound

Cervical cancer checks are recommended every 2 years for women over 20.  Smear tests with HPV screen can be carried out at the practice with your choice of doctor.  Tests: Cytology & HPV Screen

Prostate cancer is determined by a prostate examination and blood Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA).  This is recommended for all men over 50 or when clinically indicated.  Test: PSA Blood Test.

If you are concerned about the possibility of any other cancers please either contact the practice for an appointment or visit the CRUK web site.

Preventative Medicine

Lifestyle Health Screening (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes Check)

A simple health check to determine whether your state of health is in immediate danger and advising whether immediate action is required. As the title says the patient’s blood pressure is measured and your BMI checked by measuring your weight and height. A quick blood test will tell us about glucose and cholesterol and a dipstick urine test is also done. Results will be sent within 48 hours. Tests involved are:

  • Blood Test
  • Urine

Over 50's MOT

At around your 50th birthday everyone should review their lifestyle:

  • Eating, drinking and exercise habits
  • Know what height and weight ratios mean
  • Have blood pressure, cardiac and cancer screens (prostate, bowel, cervix, breast).

The chances are that except for minor adaptations to health habits nothing dramatic will be found or advised. But if there is something potentially serious and which might affect your normal activities or survival, early discovery and intervention could save your life.

At 50, you are at the right age to begin looking out for changes in your health so book a full check-up; be reassured and with the guidance of the Screening Report from Dr Edmonds, ensure and nurture good health habits and wellness in years to come.