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KALE - a popular superfood seasonal from September-April

KALE – It is 2 years since I discovered the pleasure of growing kale, tasting how delicious it was and then realising the abundant benefits from what has become a popular superfood.   Packed with nutrients and part of the brassicas group which are believed to benefit the immune system, help prevent cancer, spina bifida and heart disease.

Key nutrients : Beta carotene, potassium, calcium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B6, vitamin K and fibre.

Healing Properties : Beta carotene stimulates the immune system and is needed by the eyes to help them adjust to the darkness.  Folate is beneficial in the prevention of spina bifida and heart disease.  Indoles in brassicas released from the cooking process and from cutting and chewing may assist in reducing the risk of oestrogen-related cancers.

Choosing and Cooking : Select fresh green leaves.  Pull away from the stem and cook like spinach in a little water sprinkled with a little salt for a few minutes.  Drain off the water, grind some pepper and drizzle over a little mild olive oil and add a small knob of butter stirred in for a little luxury.   

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