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NUTS – It is no accident that nuts as snacks are sold in small packs.   A daily helping of mixed nuts will provide many benefits the significant of these being protection against cardiovascular disease.  There are approximately 25 kinds of nuts grown globally which give people a large number of nutrients.

Key nutrients :  Protein, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, vitamin E, selenium,  folate and many trace elements.

Healing Properties :   The benefits of nuts are many and are useful for the immune system, the cardiovascular and the respiratory systems and with winter looming fast a daily helping will help to prevent catching viruses.

Choosing and Cooking : Almonds rich in calcium and high in Vitamin E.  Brazil nuts rich in selenium and calcium.  Cashew nuts rich in potassium, phosphorus and zinc.  Hazelnuts rich in vitamin E, folate and calcium with the oil composition similar to olive oil.  Peanuts contain the unsaturated oleic and linoleic oils and are rich in vitamin E.  Pecan nuts are bursting with zinc and excellent to boost immune systems.  Walnuts rich in calcium, folate and selenium are beneficial to relieve inflammation and help with wheezing and coughing.  This small selection of nuts demonstrate the value of consuming a small amount of nuts daily.

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