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OneYou 400:600:600 Public Health England 2018 Campaign

March sees the launch of this new campaign to address the fact that two-thirds (yes, two-thirds!) of adults in the UK are overweight or obese.     We first mentioned this a number of years ago when the figure was not quite so high and very little seems to have changed to help our growing waistlines.  PHE are determined to tackle this problem and are working with high-street food chains to offer healthier choices.  The UK is the 6th most overweight nation in the world.   What can you do about your waistline and how best to manage your weight?   PHE are suggesting new calorie rules:  400 : for breakfast,  600 : for lunch and 600 : for dinner.  This is a total of 1600 which leaves 400 calories for women and 900 calories for men to consume healthy snacks and refreshments at other times as we do enjoy consuming food and drink outside of the home.  

Nuts and seeds will keep you fuller for longer and pitta and tortilla are a healthier alternative to a sandwich or baguette.  There has been a lot or talk in recent years also of mindfulness.   Why not practise this when choosing what snack you may enjoy when stopping for that cup of coffee.  Think Nutrition to boost your immune system and check those calories on the package before buying and don’t forget your drink has calories too when you are adding up the number of calories you have left for the day.    Remember to also drink water; Zero calories and very beneficial to your mood, stress levels not to mention your cognitive and physical well-being.  Try drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal - it works wonders for not overeating.  

Are you feeling inspired to adjust your mindset?  I personally have never believed in dieting.    What can be worse than denying yourself the foods that you love?   I used them as a reward or a treat for being mindful of following an overall healthier diet.    As a child my father would allow us to have Friday night sweets.  I decided this was a great idea for my weekly reward for eating healthier and it really feels like a treat.  There is a plethora of information available on healthy eating so really it is all about YOU and believing that YOU can change your eating habits.  Be kind to yourself and cut out those foods you know are bad for you but treat yourself to a little weekly reward to satisfy your desire.    This way you will be working well to reduce the risk of cancer, heart problems and more importantly diabetes and all the health risks this brings with it.   

Make 2018 the year that YOU took control of your food intake.   Happy Healthy Eating.  It’s about YOU!

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