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Official recommended daily intake of Vitamin C is 40mg.   A 100g orange contains 54mg.  Nutritionists suggest 400mg for 25-50 year olds and 800mg thereafter to maintain optimum health.

Key nutrients :  Potassium, Vitamin C, calcium, folate, carotenes, lutein, Vitamin K, fructose, phytonutrient hesperitin.

Healing Properties : Common colds and coughs, beneficial for digestive system, indigestion and constipatation, stress and sleeplessness, calms the nerves, keeps gums strong and fights scurvy, protects against heart disease and cancer.  Try eating one before going to bed!

Choosing and Cooking : Select heavy thin-skinned fruits with no soft areas.  Eat in segments or add to dishes like ham, duck, veal or chicken.

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