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Special Practice Announcement March 2020

Welcome to our patients visiting our website regarding practice appointments.    We would like to reassure you that although our rooms are closed owing to the COVID-19 Virus we are available for telephone/email/video link consultations and prescriptions as all our staff will be working from home.  Patients calling our number will be automatically diverted in the first place to Laura Hilliar our Practice Manager and of course you can also email us to book an email/telephone/Skype consultation. 

Please be reassured that remote consultations are highly effective and your health will not be in any danger. 

We are sure that you will understand that we have taken this most unusual step to protect the health of all our patients and our staff so that we remain in a position to provide medical attention in the above manner.   

We are following the guidance by the Government at Coronavirus Covid-19.  If you have any of the symptoms, please self-isolate for 7 days. For any further information,  please visit Government website for more details about symptoms

We wish you and yours well during the coming months which will no doubt prove quite challenging in many ways.  Keep healthy by eating highly nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water and exercising where possible to keep your immune system strong.    We wish you all the best.  Remember each person CAN make a difference!

For a positive point of view please click here.

Read more about shielding and a tracker app here.

UPDATE: COVID-19 Private testing - We have learned that the test provider that we previously recommended on our website is charging three times the underlying cost of the test which is made by a legitimate medical company Randox Global Healthcare based in Northern Ireland. We believe the technology behind the test is sound and results clinically valid but we no longer endorse the previously advertised provider, Private Harley Street Clinic, and have removed all reference to this company from our website . If you still want to arrange a private test we suggest that you contact Randox directly .

If you have already purchased a test kit from Private Harley Street Clinic and are waiting for results there is an announcement posted on their website which may be helpful to you.

Dr Jack & Catriona Edmonds and team.


Date posted: 27 March 2020

Disclaimer: We have taken every precaution in making sure that the information contained in these documents is accurate. The nature of the information provided is for your general information only. The content does not constitute legal or other professional advice.


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