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Squashes & Pumpkins

BUTTERNUT SQUASH – This is the season for those glorious colourful squashes, pumpkins and marrows with their antioxidant vitamins C & E which also contain beta and alpha carotene which gives them their beautiful colour.   

Key nutrients : Beta carotene ,alpha carotene, vitamin E and C, potassium, vitamin B1 sodium and fibre.

Healing Properties :  Believed to be beneficial for prostate cancer, cataracts and heart disease they are also helpful in protecting against the common cold and strains of influenza.  Diabetics are encouraged to eat pumpkin as they are believed to help regulate blood sugar levels and stimulate the pancreas.

Choosing and Cooking : Select clean and unblemished vegetables and store in cool place which is well ventilated. When preparing to eat remove the skin and seeds and cut into chunks ready to roast, bake, steam or boil.  Our favourite soup which is a cinch to make is butternut squash.  Saute a large onion, add the chopped up deseeded squash with a good handful of sweet corn, season with salt and pepper and sweat for 20 mins.  Add approx. 750 mls of good vegetable stock with 500mls of milk.  Cook until soft then blend.  So simple and simply delicious on a wintry night.

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