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Stress and Lifestyle

Man holding face in his hand, worrying and stressed

Stress and Lifestyle

Stress Management is becoming a key area in both general and occupational health medicine.

The causes of stress are varied and depend on individual circumstances. Common causes include work overload with insufficient resource allocation and inadequate time to meet deadlines (in the office, at school/university and/or at home), inter-current illness, social media overload, financial worries, troubled relationships or dealing with loss.

Symptoms can include disrupted sleep, irritability, loss of emotional control, poor concentration and a feeling of failure (unable to meet deadlines, unable to cope at home)

We can help. We are a sympathetic ear to listen to your worries. We can quantify your stress levels. We can treat associated physical symptoms (e.g palpitations, sweating, tremor, insomnia) and alleviate anxiety and depression. We will be your advocate. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach which might include medication and talking therapy and we work with expert psychologists and psychiatrists when extra treatment is required. We always listen to what patients want.

Don`t suffer in silence. Make an appointment and come and talk to us.


Lifestyle management

Weight Management

Obesity is on the increase both nationally and globally. 30% of UK citizens are clinically obese. Because obesity upsets the regulation of energy metabolism muscle is converted to fat.  This fat heightens the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver and gall bladder disease, kidney problems, incontinence, oedema, osteoarthritis, hypertension, depression, asthma and certain cancers.

To protect you from the common health consequences of overweight issues we can help you devise a plan to avoid some of the illnesses and diseases associated with obesity. Come and talk to us.

Further information is available on the following sites:

If you need that bit of extra help we also have links with expert nutritionists and fitness experts who have a programmes which are safe and effective, working with you, the Patient, to achieve your target weight and maintaining it.

If you need help please contact the surgery for an appointment either by calling 020 7935 5050 or contact us here.


Regular exercise is good for you, your cardiovascular system, your bones, your muscles and mental health. Exercise improves co-ordination and balance and is one of the few proven ways to protect you from dementia. To see NHS guidelines click here


In moderation!  14 units a week for all genders. 


DO NOT SMOKE – Plain and simple.   If you are hooked on cigarettes try vaping instead. Vaping provides nicotine which is addictive. We can help you with addiction and abuse but the only way to avoid high levels of carbon monoxide and carcinogens is not to smoke tobacco - see affects of smoking.  Even one a day effects your health and increases your risk. Vaping is not risk free but it is unlikely to kill you.