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Summer Sun

Time to remember to protect your skin from sunburn.    Wearing sunscreen is of course a good idea but what other ways are there to limit the amount of sun damage?   First protect your eyes with wrap-around sunglasses that filter the UVA and UVB rays.   Wear a wide brimmed hat to shield your face and eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.   Don’t be tempted to reveal too much flesh and cover up with long sleeves and/or light long trousers made of tightly woven fabric.   Consider washing clothes with UV repellent detergent or source clothing made with UV protection.   Apply sun creams prior to exposure to the sun and reapply frequently.  Sit in the shade as much as possible especially during the heat of the day 1000-1600.   You only need 30 minutes of sunshine on your skin to top up your Vitamin D levels.  Sunburn IS painful!   Apply aloe gel or similar soothing agent to relieve the pain and the burn.

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