Dr Jack A T Edmonds MB BS FRCGP

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Key nutrients :  Carotenes, potassium, folate, Vitamin C, E & K, calcium, fibre, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.

Healing Properties :  A much under-appreciated vegetable which has many beneficial components which are essential to boost the immune system, improve metabolic function, the digestive system, bone strength and lowers blood pressure.  Their high levels of carotenes make them excellent for improving eyesight and are ideal for preventing diabetes.

Choosing and Cooking : A member of the cruciferous family and also known as rutabaga this is a very attractive colourful vegetable providing 12% of the daily requirement of fibre.  They can be used for adding to casseroles and soups but are also delicious simply cooked and mashed.  They are the ideal alternative to potatoes if you are trying to lose weight being 20% lower in carbohydrates than an equal portion of potatoes!  A filling but low calorie food.